For over 50 years, we have been producing animal feed for livestock, with the goal of becoming an important reference point in our business sector. As leader in the piglet industry, we are different thanks to the know-how and the efficiency of our facilities. We offer innovative products and services; the wide availability of customisation options is one of the basic principles of our work. To ensure the livestock producer’s profitability, we have chosen not to belong to an integrated cycle – we act with complete consideration towards our customers. It is our belief that every stage of the process should be sustainable.

Surely, one of the most relevant advantages is the importance given to the technical support and management advice we offer to our customers. Our interdisciplinary team includes specialised professionals, such as veterinarians, agronomists, nutritionists, technicians, in charge of the feed mixes etc., whose aim it is to establish a long lasting and constructive relationship with the customer thereby guaranteeing a consistent, constant and enduring progress. The intention, therefore, is to create a synergy derived from collaboration and continuous teamwork.


Our people-oriented management style is the cornerstone of our company: indeed human capital is our main strength. Core values,such as integrity, honesty, trust and respect allow us to work in a serene environment, characterised by motivation and growth – not only professionally but also on a personal level.

Our commitment to environmental protection and animal welfare even aims to guarantee the satisfaction of livestock producers and end consumers.

Skills and knowledge play a very important role, as well as our recognised reputation, enhanced by our integration in food chains, such as Trentin Grana, Parmigiano Reggiano, Fontina Valdostana, Grana Padano and others.


Our factories are highly specialised and automatized, thus guaranteeing uniformity and continuity in the management of production processes. The distribution of raw materials is performed by assigning different production processes to separate factories; the multipurpose facility enables us to specialise and diversify production according to a range of different requirements. Supply chain activities are planned and coordinated at a centralised level, while the delivery of the finished product is entrusted to partner companies, with a focus on long-term collaboration to facilitate continuous improvement and compliance with the highest quality standards.

“We believe that the advanced technologies we have at our disposal, combined with our fifty-year history are the best response to the needs of the feed industry.”

Dott. Massimo Ferrero