Nutritional modelling enables us to firmly establish the animal’s actual needs and to formulate specific rations for all every life stage and farming conditions. The result is a significant increase regarding in production, reproduction and growth performance, while respecting the animals’ welfare and considering the environmental impact as well as processes efficiency levels. Our formulas are customised and ideal for production lines, with raw materials available in powder and pellet formats for dairy cows, calves and bulls, sheep and goats.

Dairy Cows


Consists of complementary feed based on a mixture of energy- and protein-rich components that contain IDEAL FIBRE LEVELS supplied by roughage selected for that specific formula


The mash rationing technique is based on the principle that even concentrated feeds larger than 5 mm portions have a ruminative action. The end result is to obtain a ruminate feed concentrate that ensures control of intestinal rumen turnover. Rationing with mash enables a clear improvement in feed security and increases animal welfare (as a result of production technologies).


These are mixtures of energy- and protein-rich components that contain a partial amount of the IDEAL FIBRE LEVELS, supplied by the roughage selected for that specific formulation. They are combined with CORN SILAGE.


These are complete feeds or combinations of the various core formulas, ranging from the simplest to classic feed types, all of which are adaptable to a variety of needs.

Beef and Calves


The characteristics of these feeds make them highly suitable, both during the weaning period and the subsequent growth stages, because they are able to create remarkable growth of rumen papillae and therefore ensure an excellent and rapid development of the rumen. Again, thanks to the outstanding technology we use, it is also an excellent feed for the fattening phase, especially when, in addition to growth, the aim is to achieve special meat characteristics.


Is a line of innovative feed designed for high performance bulls, which ensures significant increases in high-quality meat. This line includes both finished feed and various core concentrations.


Formulas are available for calves during the weaning and growth stages, characterised by great palatability and good performance results. As for fattening bullocks, formulas are available for complete feeds or for preparations of various core concentrations, all of which are able to meet any kind of business requirements.

Sheep and Goats


Based on a mixture of raw materials specifically designed and combined for their rumen activity characteristics. This feed line is suitable for:

  • Livestock producers that need to produce high-quality milk but have little and/or poor quality fodder available
  • – Cases of poor rumination, sub-acidosis and other cases of sub-optimal digestive function.


A line composed of a mixture of core-protein pellet feed and cereal grains, such as corn, peas that is suitable for:

  • Supporting ovine and caprine animals in the most delicate phases of their productive and reproductive lives
  • Maintaining the correct necessary physiological conditions to sustain the animals’ energy requirements


A line consisting of a mixture of core protein pellets, carob and flaked cereals (corn – barley – beans).
The flaking process improves the palatability, chemical and physical characteristics of the cereals and vegetables contained in the formulas, increasing the intake and facilitating the digestibility of the feeds, therefore increasing breeding-production performance levels. Turning cereal grains into flakes offers remarkable advantages from a nutritional and sanitary perspective.


These complementary feeds make up for the deficiencies of standard rations. They are produced in pellet or powder form and their formula is designed by feed-technicians in close cooperation with breeders. It is suitable for livestock producers that produce sufficient quantities of fibre, whereby it is unnecessary to obtain rumen activity by means of using concentrates.


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