For us, being innovative means guaranteeing continuous improvements and cutting-edge performance for our customers.

It is precisely for this reason that we always use advanced manufacturing technologies that have allowed us to make steady progress, in order to be meet market requirements.

Our highly-automated systems enable us to:

  • Avoid human error and therefore minimise the dangers of cross-contamination
  • To optimally improve every stage of the production process
  • Maintain a proper analysis of the rotation of raw materials stored in the silos

We also have a very advanced batch traceability system that allows us to trace with precision any raw materials used for a given product.

Taking advantage of the best professionals, including through our collaboration with prestigious national and international universities, research and innovation have become the driving force of our business. This is how we manage to create products that stand out for their careful attention to quality with the aim to safeguard animal welfare and respect the environment.

Nonetheless, the professional development of our employees is kept up-to-date and active through training and frequent exchanges, so that each one can assess their own contribution in the best way and receive a complete overview of the industry in which they work.