Our company produces and sells not only animal feeds, but it also assists customers with a much broader and comprehensive range of services. We have a network of veterinarians and agronomists covering the entire national area.

Thanks to our technical knowledge and an approach oriented towards animal welfare, we support our clients in their livestock business management, by meeting their practical needs with specific rations for every animal life stage, in order to optimise profitability.
Our various teams of experts, through a continuous flow of information, assist livestock producers in finding the best solutions for any kind of challenge, enabling them to gain a thorough understanding of the present and future situation of their livestock business, in order to make the best strategic decisions today.

Our Products


Creep Feed, Piglet, Growing / Fattening, Breeding.


Monofeed, Mash, Mixes, Traditional Feed.


IL900, IR910, IS940, IC950, IG960.


Chicken Lines, Hen Lines, Pullet Lines, Other Lines.