Corporate Social Responsibility


QUALITY is one of our core values.

We make a rigorous evaluation and selection during the purchasing phase with regards to both the choice of suppliers and the raw materials. This is done in order to ensure that the quality standards are consistent with our company’s ethical principles.

Raw Materials

  • Selection of original raw materials
  • Certified supplies [by the manufacturer]
  • Analysis during the acceptance phase of the product, prior to approval for wide-spread use
  • Strict controls along the entire production chain up to the finished product. [Traceability and batch traceability.]
  • Constant monitoring of the results in the field


  • Careful evaluation of suppliers based on reliability, quality and sustainability criteria.
  • Creation of trust and long-lasting collaborations
  • The purchased batches are sampled as part of preventive control checks for quality assurance purposes
  • Attention to purchasing policies on both a national and international level
  • Monitoring of suppliers through periodic audits to assess their compliance with pre-defined standards

Company Laboratory

  • Developments and updates of an analytic system and scientific knowledge, enables the achievement of real-time guarantees regarding the quality of the raw materials and finished products, in order to provide support and advice to customers.
  • The quality of incoming and outgoing goods received in all factories is monitored using real-time checks in the laboratory, thus ensuring security guarantees regarding the finished products through centralised supervision.
  • Scientific and cultural updating is guaranteed by numerous collaborations with private or state research institutions or entities through targeted research projects and with prestigious Italian Universities. Many of the projects developed by the laboratory have been the subject of university theses.