Corporate Social Responsibility

Environmental protection

Protecting the environment is one of our big commitments and of great importance to us.

We therefore constantly monitor the natural changes in the land, with the aim to qualitatively and quantitatively evaluate the available resources in order to reduce environmental risks.

The term Environment refers not only to the natural environment, but also to the working one, involving concepts of employee protection and safety.

Natural environment:

At the factory, we monitor water emissions, water consumption, the impact of noise levels
We perform constant checks on dust emissions into the atmosphere
We are in compliance with proper waste disposal policies, favouring waste reduction, as well as recycling and the separate collection of unavoidable waste materials.
In production, we use the best management practices and “Just-In-Time” techniques, thus minimising stock and therefore reducing the possibility of raw-material deterioration.

Working environment:

The company and its employees are committed to protecting the health and working environment responsibly, even beyond observing the current legislative health and safety provisions. We adopt internal rules both with regard to employee protection and the plant’s maintenance system in order to minimise possible dangers for workers.

In addition to complying with the standards required by law, we have committed ourselves to a collaboration with the University of Verona’s Occupational Medicine Department, the Politecnico of Turin and Aifos to take on an experimental project on a European level to monitor the manual handling of loads within production work sites.

Where necessary, we have even implemented forms of tele-working to help our employees at difficult times, thus making the most of their potential, even when they are temporarily affected by personal issues.